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Forgive O Lord my little jokes on Thee and I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.
Today as I was cleaning out the fitting rooms 
27th-May-2012 09:37 pm
I saw something under a bench. I thought, 'That can't be what I think it is.' Sadly I was wrong. Tell me, what kind of a person leaves a used tampon under a bench in a fitting room. OMGWTFIHATEPEOPLE!!!!

While I'm bitching about work, let me say you should all be proud I didn't smack a bitch today. I had a woman wearing a shirt which proudly proclaimed, 'Don't spread my wealth. Spread my work ethic.' Woman was entitled as all fuck. Questioned everything I did like I had the brains of a toddler. I wanted to ask her how she and her work ethic had time to shop when I am working one of two jobs so I can afford rising bills.

Okay so I really just wanted to say 'Fuck You!'
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